"Cornwall’s answer to Withnail & I" New Statesman

Michael and Pete have been best mates for over 35 years.  Michael is about to get married. He doesn’t want a traditional ‘stag do’ and instead opts for a quiet weekend camping on the wilds of Bodmin Moor. Pete, however, has other ideas.  After an unexpectedly debauched first night the two men find themselves disorientated and lost. As they attempt to get back to civilization they find themselves in an increasingly desperate battle with the barren terrain, unforgiving environment and… each other.

Brown Willy is a beautifully shot comedy drama about friendship against the odds, that shows one of Cornwall’s most stunning areas in all its brutal majesty.

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Brown Willy is now available on DVD & VOD!

Extra Features: Trailer, Behind The Scenes, B-Roll

Perfect for Christmas!